Misamis Oriental, in bird’s eye view, is truly a haven of natural and cultural tourism assets and destinations that rivals other destinations in the region. Tourism, calling it as a flagship program of Governor Bambi Emano banks on the potential economic activities that a flourishing tourism industry can give birth to. Since then in his progressive administration, tourism has become a force which propels Misamis Oriental into an economic powerhouse.

Every month of September, the province of Misamis Oriental joins earnestly in the country’s annual celebration of the National Tourism Week, highlighting the quintessential food delights of the different municipalities and cities. For two years now, the celebration lamps on one central theme dubbed as “Tienda sa MisOr: A MisOr Food Exhibit”.  The week-long festivity is brimmed with food bazaar and product display, showcasing a wide and diversified array of food flavors uniquely made in the 25 municipalities and cities of Misamis Oriental. Every activity during the week is worth running to have a major promotion on the tourism industry in Misamis Oriental wherein the public will have a bigger view of the endless possibilities in getting to know its gastronomic delights. For our key players and other related tourism stakeholders, it opens an avenue to reach wider consumer population and exposure.

Aside from bringing the food products closer to your table, the province’s sole culture and the arts are also on the spotlight during the celebration. After all, Emano administration’s directions always bring forth the province to the national tourism radar that behind the mist of misconception, Misamis Oriental is more than just what meets the eye.

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